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Full Day Kindergarten

District 300 Excited to Announce Full Day Kindergarten!

It is with great excitement that Superintendent Fred Heid and the District 300 Board of Education announce the approval of the district-wide expansion of full-day kindergarten.

“The Board of Education is delighted to provide full-day kindergarten services to our community,” says Board President Anne Miller. “The expansion of kindergarten services has long been one of the Board’s top priorities as it is based in sound educational practices that will benefit our students, teachers, and community. With an enhanced focus on literacy and math skills, this investment in early childhood education is a tremendous step in achieving our District’s goal, ensuring all students are college or career ready upon graduation. “

The expansion of full-day kindergarten will provide children with increased individualized support and additional reading, literacy, and math instruction.

“I am extremely pleased to expand our full-day kindergarten programs district-wide as it offers the children and parents of our community with significant benefits,” says District 300 Superintendent Fred Heid. “Research has demonstrated that full-day kindergarteners exhibit more independent learning, classroom involvement, reflectiveness, and productivity in work with peers than half-day kindergarteners. Additionally, parents of children in full-day kindergarten report higher levels of satisfaction with their children’s schedule, curriculum, and the program’s support for working families.”

Lead 300 President, Michael Williamson, also communicated his excitement regarding the educational benefits for the students enrolled in full-day kindergarten. “Our system is about the whole child, about the learning and growth of children across a wide array of skills and competencies,” Williamson said. “Kindergarten is the foundation of our whole system.  By expanding our kindergarten program we not only gain the opportunity to accelerate the learning of students who are just entering our system, but also to ensure that as those students move through our system, they are better able to become purposeful learners, to advocate for themselves, to realize their own goals.  As a district, we are greatly enhancing our education program by taking this important educational step.”

The instructional differences between full and half-day kindergarten are significant. Each day, full-day kindergarten students receive 45 minutes of additional math instruction, 30 minutes of additional guided reading instruction, 20 minutes of additional “Becoming a Writer” instruction, 5 minutes of additional “word work” instruction, and access to “special” classes, including music, which are unavailable to half-day kindergarteners.

To accommodate the district-wide expansion of full-day kindergarten, District 300 will add 12 classrooms to its current total.

“Over the last few months we have worked diligently to review the utilization of classroom space and complete an analysis for full-day kindergarten implementation,” says Superintendent Heid. “The District has addressed as many of the known variables as possible, including analyzing historic attendance, new building developments, and the amount of students who may transfer from private schools.  We have verified we have enough classroom space at each building to allow for full expansion to free full–day kindergarten, excluding student fees.”

Full-day kindergarten costs will be covered through General State Aid and the elimination of midday transportation routes. After an initial investment of approximately $675,416 dollars, the kindergarten program will become a cost neutral item due to the annual cost savings created by the elimination of mid-day kindergarten transportation, increasing revenue from student fees, and increased General State Aid.

Full-Time Kindergarten: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When does the full-day kindergarten expansion occur?

A: The full-day kindergarten expansion begins in the fall of 2015. (August 18, 2015 is the first day of school).

Q: What are the hours for kindergarten?

A:  Lincoln Prairie Elementary School Kindergarten hours are from 8:00-2:15.

Q: Is there a cost?

A: Students will be charged the same $130.00 fee as those in grades 1-5.  Schools will follow up with any families who paid the adjusted $100.00 fee during registration. There will be no monthly tuition fee.

Q: How do I register a child who is not currently enrolled in kindergarten?

A: Contact your child's zoned school and begin the registration process. During this time the school will provide you with all of the information you need regarding physical examinations, required documents, and medical. During the registration process, you will have an opportunity to indicate your preference for Full-Day Kindergarten or Part-Time Kindergarten. Your child's school will provide you with information relating to class assignment, supplies, and important meet and greet dates later this summer.

Q: What should I do if my child is already registered for half-day kindergarten?

A: All students will be converted to full time enrollment. Parents who are interested in part time enrollment only will need to contact their school to request a change. Your child's school will provide you with information relating to class assignment, supplies, and important meet and greet dates later this summer.

Q: Will full-day kindergarten students ride the bus?

A: Yes, eligible Full-Day Kindergarten students will be have transportation provided. Information regarding transportation can be found on our District website at Transportation routing information will be mailed home approximately one week prior to the start of school.

Q: How will this affect students who have approved kindergarten transfers?

A: Transfers that were based upon limited space or other issues will receive communication that will redirect them to their home school. This will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and depends upon the reason for the transfer. This will not affect transfers for Dual Language unless a family opts to withdraw their application. Available seats will then be assigned to those of the waiting list.

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